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How to Read an Ebook without an Ereader

​   The Queen's Arrows is a new series of free, yes free, short stories that I will be putting out as the are written.  The main protagonists are a series of four women with one lady getting to narrate per story on a set rotation.  I'm also aiming to have some comic style artwork accompany each piece.  Once again, these shorts will be free and posted right here on the site!


    In a post war dystopian future, the surviving territories have been divided into kingdoms.  In the once proud nation of America the King and Queen have divided their nation into duchies, overseen by several Counts who answer to the Duke.  The King's intelligence agents are everywhere, fiercely loyal and reporting the true state of affairs back to him from every corner of his empire.  The Queen decided she needed similar agents loyal to her above all others.  She dubbed the The Queen's Arrows.  The Arrows would be grouped into units of four and assigned one unit per duchy.  Their identities are known only to each other.  In a world of definitive class boundaries, malfunctioning technology, and corrupted government hierarchy, the Arrows are tasked with maintaining order.  Whatever the cost.

Meet the Arrows:

                     Coming Soon! 
The Queen's Arrows