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    Hidden within our society runs another, darker sect filled with creatures from myth and legend, paranormal entities, or whatever other name one may have for them. They call themselves Undergrounders. Subject to their own laws and authorities they often shirk those of the human society around them. Deep within the bowels of Underground there is an illegal fighting circuit, known as The Pit, where competitors of all species are trained in combat then face each other in a no holds barred contest. The loser is revived by a Healer to then fight another day. The victor is rewarded with glory, money, and progress towards the fulfillment of their personal contracts.

Welcome, I am Evenia Varros, the Domina of this house. Here you will find only the highest caliber of fighter. I accept contracts only with those who excel in combat and pay little attention to species distinctions. My fighters are highly trained, each with their own specialization. I require that my fighters remain housed in the training grounds during the duration of their contracts so that their skills may be constantly honed and evaluated. My Warmaster (name) is a descendant of Ares himself and delivers a strict and brutal daily regimen. Feel free to peruse my stable and perhaps I might see you again come Fight Night.

The Pit


          The Stable
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