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How to Read an Ebook without an Ereader

                                  Exciting News!  
         Blood of the Fallen is going to be Re-Released!

Wait.... Re-released?  What does that even mean?

Well, aside from some tedious and confusing legal garble it means that a slightly different, less expensive version of Book One in the Lyla Haile Series will be available very soon!  What's different? Honestly...not that much.  As any author will tell you there is always something we'd love to tweak, a word we'd love to change, or some other small detail that probably is never as big of a deal as we think it is.  That being said, when I read through the finished copy that was originally released I knew I wanted, no needed, tighter editing.  So I decided to do a re-release as soon as I was able.  This also gives me the opportunity to lower the price so more reader's can enjoy Lyla's adventures.  

  But also my amazing cover artist Matias Zeballos has decided that he wouldn't mind giving the original cover art an upgrade too!  As well as an extended back cover like on Dance of Blood to make the series look more unified.  I'm very excited to share this new art with you as soon as I can!  

  So keep an eye out for the slightly different re-release Blood of the Fallen

                                           Coming Soon!