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How to Read an Ebook without an Ereader

    Hi!  I'm Ashley Bucci author of the Lyla Haile series and The Queen's Arrows Series.  I currently live in the Northeast of the United States.  Every winter I swear it will be my last yet every summer I somehow manage to forget that vow.  Writing wasn't always my passion.  Reading was.  I have no idea when I read my first book or what it was but I've always been addicted to the written word and the worlds I could find in my school library.  Writing was something I gradually eased in to.  I was a huge fan of writing fan fictions for a very long time when I decided to try and write a full length story start to finish.  I think I shocked myself the most when I did it.  I've been writing as often as I possibly can ever since.  Aside from reading and writing I like to draw, paint, hike, cook, and game. Though I never get to hike as much as I'd like.

Current Favs:

Civilization Series
Batman Arkham Series
The Sims

Once Upon a Time
The Blacklist
The Originals
The Musketeers
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde
Fire in the Water - Feist
Bartholomew - The Silent Comedy
Ultraviolence - Lana Del Ray
I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord
Demons - Imagine Dragons

Currently Reading
The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King
The Psy/Changeling Series - Nalini Singh
Sisters of the Moon Series - Yasmine Galenorn